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This is What Long Term Care is About

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By Kerry Peabody As an LTC insurance professional, you spend a lot of time trying to explain to prospects why they need to plan for long term care. I gave up on the numbers and stats a long time ago, so I don’t bother regurgitating a bunch of statistics about how many people will need long … More

Legalized marijuana: What you need to know

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Maine employers turned out in droves for our most recent Breakfast Briefing to learn about managing expectations and behaviors with legalized marijuana. Clark Insurance and KMA HR Consulting recruited a talented and knowledgeable panel that included: Patricia Rosi, CEO of Wellness Connection of Maine, a large and growing medical marijuana dispensary Julie Rabinowitz, Director of Operations and … More

Mom, Memory Care & Money

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I stopped in to visit a new memory care community in my area yesterday. As an agent who specializes in long term care insurance, it’s important that I know what resources are out there for my clients, so I do this often. The marketing director was happy to take a few minutes to show me … More

You can catch more flies with honey

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You Catch More Flies With Honey Than You Do With Vinegar:  Creating a Front-Line Defense for Managing Workers’ Compensation Claims by Gary Lavoie There is a significant driver of rising workers’ compensation costs in New Hampshire that has nothing to do with experience mod split-point changes or medical cost inflation.  It falls into a category … More

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2015 Clark Insurance Annual Report

In our annual report for Clark Insurance, we illustrate a year of leadership transition, another record-setting mark for growth and profitability thanks to our customers who reward us with their business and their referrals for which we are truly grateful. 2015 Clark Insurance Annual Report pdf We hope you will enjoy this review of 2015 … More

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Flood? What would Noah do?

Category: Blog

The most famous flood of all time prompted the Head of risk control to forewarn at least one resident to be prepared. You might say that Noah’s “insurance” came two-by-two to ensure his ability to recover from the devastation. Unfortunately, today, too many of us discover we’re not insured after a flood occurs. So what is flood insurance all about?

Holy Accident, Batman! Under-insured?

Category: Blog

THWACK! ZOWIE! KABOOM! A distracted driver hits you. Though your journey to recovery could be long and painful, you have the comfort of knowing that the driver’s insurance will pay for your hospital and medical expenses. Well, surprise, a high percentage of drivers in Maine and New Hampshire have insurance policies that won’t pay enough to pay your bills. What do you do now?

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Do you know your numbers? Managing your diet lowers your risk of heart disease, cancer and medical costs

Category: Blog

Around the first of the year, my doc told me I had slightly elevated cholesterol. He didn’t bother lecturing me. Instead, he told me to read a book: The China Study, a highly detailed and convincing explanation of the relationship between food and health (there’s a movie version on Netflix called Forks Over Knives). Before finishing the first chapter, I was sold on changing my diet. In less than two months, I have moved my numbers dramatically – and sustainably. In doing so, I likely have reduced the drivers of disease and my health care costs. Here’s how and why.

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Renters: Got “stuff?” You ought have renter’s insurance.

Category: Blog

If you’re renting an apartment and the guy upstairs lets the bathtub overflow (for a couple of hours while you’re at work) who’s going to pay for the damage to the “stuff” in your apartment? Not necessarily your landlord. It’s really your problem.

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