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Cyber Insurance

Does Your Business Have the Cyber Liability Protection You Need?

To protect their bottom lines, businesses and organizations, both large and small, must stay up to date on the evolving threats to their IT infrastructure and data. It seems as if new information regarding cyber risks emerges every day. While the constant stream of information on cyber risks can be overwhelming, Clark Insurance is here to help you identify cyber risks and place insurance coverage to protect your organization against the impact of cyber-events.

Clark works with a large variety of insurance providers to place cyber coverage that provides both strong coverage and breach response services that are necessary if a cyber-event affects you.

Clark places cyber policies that include coverage for:

  • Privacy Notification Costs – Including Voluntary Notification Expenses
  • Data Breach Response Expenses – Including Legal, Public Relations and Credit Monitoring Expenses
  • Forensic Costs
  • Business Interruption – Including Cloud Computing Providers
  • Theft of Funds – Including Computer Fraud, Social Engineering, Phishing Scams, & Telephone Toll Fraud
  • Cyber-Extortion – Including Ransomware Attacks
  • Technology Errors & Omissions Liability
  • Multimedia Liability
  • Network Security & Privacy Liability

Adding Layers of Security

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Nick Weiner
Account Executive
Nick Weiner
Account Executive

(207) 274-5903

We are excited to announce the addition of Cyber Secure Pros, Inc to our Cyber team here at Clark. With experience in delivering cyber insurance to customers all over the country, Cyber Secure Pros partner, Nick Weiner, will continue operating as your trusted insurance agent now with the support from Clark Insurance. For any questions and to find out more you can contact Nick Weiner.

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Contact us today to talk to us about your cyber insurance needs. We’re here to help you understand your risks and protect your business or organization.