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Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

David Ciullo
"Are you fully covered for that?" Was the question the Clark agent asked me right after I had explained a situation that a similar business like ours had gone through and nearly ruined them. Rather than just selling me a policy, which would have been the easy thing to do, he did a full insurance review and determined what was truly right for my business in my industry. The agents at Clark really do what is right not what is easy and that really helped me get the right insurance, peace of mind and understanding I needed as a business owner.

David Ciullo, CEO of Career Management Associates

Marie McKay
Right in the middle of tax season, our offices were flooded by a broken sprinkler on an upper floor. Clark Insurance stuck with us through the entire claim process. They talked with the carrier and made the process go smoothly in getting us back to business. In fact, we asked them to join us in presenting the importance of disaster planning at a New Hampshire Society of Certified Public Accountants meeting.

We also have our employee benefits through Clark. They did a great job explaining how we could get the best coverage at the most reasonable cost. Our employees are very satisfied. I happily refer my clients to Clark.

Marie McKay, Business Insurance

Steve DiMillo
We have all the insurance a restaurant should have – liability, personal injury, product liability – plus coverage for sinking and for the extremely remote chance that the restaurant breaks free of its sophisticated mooring system and goes drifting down the bay,” said Steve Dimillo.

With so many aspects of our business that need insurance protection, it’s important for me to know that my insurance advisers are staying on top of changes in my industry as well as their industry.

I get that sense of well-being from Clark. There are some great insurance people in Southern Maine, but Clark has been a great insurance partner for us for years – for our homes, cars, and all the many different aspects of our restaurant and waterfront businesses.

They’ve been really proactive in keeping us informed about changes that affect our businesses. For the restaurant, we have loss-of-business insurance and hull insurance. On the marina side, they came to us with a plan for ice damage coverage. They handle our workers comp insurance, too, and that ‘s a big plus.

Clark Insurance is No. 1 in customer service!

I call. I can always talk with someone, and I get answers right away. I know they’ve saved us substantially in premiums. They make it easy for us to manage our insurance. Knowledgeable, hard working, responsive – it’s that simple. It’s basic and I think that’s what people are looking for. For DiMillo’s Restaurant, Clark has been a great choice.

Steve DiMillo, Business Insurance

John Ryan
We started working with Clark Insurance’s Ken Ross 20 years ago,” said John Ryan. “It was clear from the beginning that he was very well schooled in our business. There are so many risks in general contracting: design responsibilities, labor issues, subcontractor liability, weather issues, natural disasters, material theft on and off the job site for any given job, and we need coverage in place for all of those different types of risks.

Workers’ Comp is another big piece of our insurance picture, and we’ve found that there’s profitability in providing extensive safety training for our employees. Clark has been very instrumental in helping us develop one of the best safety records in the industry.

Then there are owner contracts that stipulate that specific risks must be covered. So each project has to have its own specifically tailored insurance program. With Clark, we have an insurance agency that can truly be our partner, to advise us, to help us make the best investment in insurance so that we can remain competitive.

They help us determine where we’re exposed, what the costs are, what’s possible, what’s not possible – that’s made a big difference. Clark advocates for us with bonding firms who want to know the types of work we do, how we operate, and the health of our company. In this aspect of the business alone Clark has helped us become a stronger company, more quickly, and more able to compete for more prestigious projects.And their customer service is number one. Their people are all exceptionally well trained. I always get the feeling that they are genuinely interested in looking out for my business and delivering value. They stay aggressive.

In short, I’m a big fan of Clark Insurance.

John Ryan, Business Insurance

Erik Wiberg, P.E.
Clark Insurance is very responsive to our business needs that can come up at a moment’s notice ranging from contract review and supplying certificates of insurance to enrolling employees in our health insurance plan. Clark Insurance also provides training opportunities that help employees remain focused on quality while also reducing our exposure.

We often rely on Clark Insurance to help us better understand liabilities in contracts, to suggest ways to better allocate those risks, and to help us communicate concerns with client prospects. Those discussions with prospects help foster a better understanding of each party’s needs, and help build long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Erik Wiberg, P.E.

You have been a tremendous help and very patient with me being new to this whole process! I really appreciate your patience and great customer support!

Natalie, Personal Insurance

NH Construction Supplier
From a referral email: “I know you don’t renew until August, but if you are comparing pricing and/or services, Clark Insurance is the best I’ve worked with in the last 30 years, so I wanted to give you the opportunity to at least meet with them.”

NH Construction Supplier

Andy Charles
As a small business owner I so appreciated the service I received from Clark Insurance. They were my agent for over 10 years, and when I sold the business the new owner kept them on and is equally happy. The rates were always competitive, my agent was super-responsive and helpful, and the one time my company filed a claim the process was smooth and easy. I have worked with a lot of insurance agents over the years, and Clark stands out as one of the real gems. If I could leave 6 stars I would!

Andy Charles, Business Insurance

Susan Gadbois
I can’t thank you and your team enough for your exceptional service in 2016!

I have just received my January and February Anthem bills and they are perfect!

We had quite a few additions for Open Enrollment and most were at the very last possible minute. Gillian and Kaili were always on top of every email scan from me, and everyone was added on time.

In addition, they sent me a verification email for each correspondence. I never had to wonder if they received my applications.

Dave, you are an encyclopedia of knowledge and so important to the success of our Human Resources Dept. Our employees feel comfortable asking you questions and you are always available for them. Because of your easy to understand overviews, I feel confident going into 2017 that our employees know exactly how the Anthem coverage works.

I can now look forward with excitement to our future growth with Clark Insurance at our side.

Thank you again to you and your team.

Kind regards,

Susan Gadbois
Human Resources
Town & Country Federal Credit Union

Susan Gadbois, Employee Benefits

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