Toolbox Talks – Safety Program Importance

Toolbox Talks – Safety Program Importance

Clark Toolbox Talks Help Train and Prepare Businesses to Handle Unexpected Construction Risk

Clark is proud to offer our Safety & Risk Consulting services to our valued customers, a service working in tandem with your customized coverage, highest quality customer service, and In-House Claims Management. Delivering businesses customized plans and trainings that will address the health and safety risks in your company, the Safety & Risk Department will work with you to help prevent future insurance claims.

Yes, we can all agree that safety is important, but do you know the impact a safety program has on your business? VP of Safety and Risk, Tim McCarty, tells us how investing in safety impacts both your reputation within your industry, as well as the ROI on projects!

Join us for other Toolbox Talk sessions where we train and prepare you for unexpected risks! You can always reach out to Curtis & the Clark team if you have any safety & risk questions!

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