Toolbox Talks – Open Hole Hazards

Toolbox Talks – Open Hole Hazards

Clark Toolbox Talks Help Train and Prepare Businesses to Handle Unexpected Construction Risk

Clark is proud to offer our Safety & Risk Consulting services to our valued customers, a service working in tandem with your customized coverage, highest quality customer service, and In-House Claims Management. Delivering businesses customized plans and trainings that will address the health and safety risks in your company, the Safety & Risk Department will work with you to help prevent future insurance claims.

Watch your step! In this session of Clark Toolbox Talks, we’ll get a few quick tips for preventing hazards around open holes from Tim McCarty, VP of Safety & Risk Consulting at Clark Insurance.

Join us for other Toolbox Talk sessions where we train and prepare you for unexpected risks! You can always reach out to Tim & the Clark team if you have any safety & risk questions.

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