Two nasty words: uncovered loss. Time for repairs?

Two nasty words: uncovered loss. Time for repairs?

When there’s a hill to climb, don’t think that waiting will make it any smaller. Here in Maine and New Hampshire, the sun’s setting earlier and temps are dipping. It’s getting late in the season to cure the critical repairs that could cause an uncovered insurance loss on your home or business this winter.

Uncovered loss?

Insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by normal wear and tear such as leaky roofs, dry rot or decaying windows. So what do you need to do now to avoid the loss in the first place?

Start at the top with a visual inspection;

  • Are gutters draining or are there weeds growing in them?
  • Is the capstone in the chimney firmly in place and is all the mortar filled between the bricks?
  • When it rains, does the water come out any place besides the downspout?
  • Does your roof lie nice and flat or are the shingles puckered or missing?

Moving downward;

  • Do your windows latch tightly?
  • Are the window seals keeping the glass airtight with no condensation?
  • Do older windows need new glazing points and putty?
  • Are second floor dryer vents clear or choked with lint?
  • Do porch roofs have tight flashing up under the clapboards or shingles?

And on the ground level and basement;

  • Are there holes near your house where the rain travels that could undermine your foundation?
  • Are railings and hand rails solid on your porch and stairs?
  • Is your deck bouncy with rot or nice and solid?
  • What’s the condition of basement dryer vents and stove exhaust vents?
  • Are the lower rails of sliding doors solid and do they roll easily and close snugly?
  • Is the sump pump in good repair and the drainage hose clear of the building?

And, finally, around the yard:

  • Are tree limbs hanging over the house, scraping the roof and big dropping branches?
  • Do big trees need cabling or removal in case of a big blow or heavy snow?
  • Can critters get in your garage (and into your car ventilation and electrical system?
  • Are walkways in good repair or are they a trip waiting to happen?
  • Does the driveway drain away from the house?
  • Are all the garage and shed windows closed for the season?

You know what needs to be done. You need to use the last few nice weekends and get to work or line up contractors before the snow flies. We hope you had a really great summer. A few weekends of work will let you enjoy a loss-free winter!

Photo by Jan Tik

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