Tips to Protect Your Marine Business for the Next Hurricane

Tips to Protect Your Marine Business for the Next Hurricane

Hurricane Sandy not only damaged businesses and homes on the main land, but also industries working along the shoreline. Although you should expect unpredictable weather as a marine business owner, it is also important to prepare for the worst. By securing your cargo, boats, and employees before the storm, you will be in a better position for recovery later.

This major hurricane should be a wakeup call to your business. Protecting your equipment with insurance can help, but there are other preparations you can take to further cover for your potential losses. Here are some actions to follow preparation for the next big storm:

  • If you have boats ashore, keep in mind that they do not fare well in bad weather because they are high up and produce too much wind resistance. Therefore, you should secure these items to the best of your ability.
  • The best option for trailer boats is to get them off the trailer and on the ground. Otherwise, the wind will get under the hull and usually flip it right over.
  • Low docks are one of the biggest destroyers of boats during a hurricane. This is because a storm surge can lift the boat up and puncture the bottom or hull sides. Also, boats docked in tightly packed marinas need to be moved to better locations.
  • Try to make sure that your boat is tied facing into the wind of the approaching storm. If your neighbor’s boat is not as well tied, his boat will likely wreck yours.
  • Consider finding a well-protected, inland canal with a good dock if you are worried about your location. Important considerations to make include how far inland you want to go and the obstacles of getting there. Be sure to prepare and plan your move well in advance.

At Clark Insurance, we are committed to supporting your inland marine business during all types of unpredictable events. With the help of these tips and our inland marine insurance, our agency can work to mediate losses to your property. This coverage is an essential aspect of any effective Maine or New Hampshire business insurance package. Consider the products, equipment, assets, and items you transport daily, because these are items that are critical to your operations and success. Don’t put anything at risk and instead, be prepared for the next big storm with this policy!

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