Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

You may watch action movies with extreme car accidents and think, “That will never happen to me”. But you never know what the road has in store. Rather than putting your vehicle and family at risk, you should understand what steps to take if you are involved in a collision. This is the best way to keep everything and everyone you love safe from harm.

After an auto accident, you may not be able to think clearly or you may even be hurt. This is why you should have a plan in place before you get into a collision rather than in the moment when you are most likely in panic mode. Here are some steps you can take so you remain calm and collected during an unpredictable car crash:

  • Once an accident happens, if you are able to still drive, you should move your car off the road so no one else gets hurt. Wait until you are safely off the road to try to resolve the matter.
  • Assess the damage to both cars involved and the people involved. If necessary, call 911 for injuries. At this time, also take note of the license plate numbers, make/model/color, and so on of the vehicles. If the damages are very serious, you should take pictures for evidence. When in doubt, let the authorities determine the proper procedure.
  • No matter what happens, always let your insurance agent know about the accident as soon as possible. This is why getting the necessary details is important so you can make the process quick and easy.

At Clark Insurance, we hope you follow these steps so you can be in the best possible position after a collision. We don’t want any of our clients to get into an accident or become injured, but with the support of our affordable auto insurance, you can make sure you are protected thoroughly. Remembering these basic guidelines can go a long way in making your accident experience a smooth one.

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