Starting a Compost Pile in Your Backyard

Starting a Compost Pile in Your Backyard

Has your family become devoted to going green? This is a great way to save money on your bills while also helping the environment in the process. If you are interested in taking this movement a step further, you could start a compost pile in your back yard.

Are you wondering exactly what a compost pile is? Instead of having your food waste brought to the dump, you can create rich, organic matter to help grow your garden and landscape. Making backyard compost can also save landfill space, helping to keep garbage-processing costs lower. You can make compost by buying simple equipment to speed up the transformation process

An open pile of dead plants and leftover food looks messy, so your best option is to put the materials in a compost bin. To make any compost bin rodent-proof, wrap it with metal mesh, including the top and the bottom. For the richest, fastest results, alternate layers of green plant material with brown material, such as dry leaves. Also, kitchen scraps are high in nitrogen, so adding them to your compost speeds up decomposition and results in a richer material. Remember to never put weeds, diseased or insect infested plants, dog and cat waste, meat, or wood ashes into your compost.

At Clark Insurance, we hope these tips inspire you to start your own compost pile. This can help your family save money as well as continue to enrich the natural environment. Paying attention to what you bring in and out of your home is important to the safety of your loved ones. By following proper safety procedures, you can avoid accidents as you build a greener home.

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