Put your life on ICE

Put your life on ICE

In this hyper virtual world, putting emergency contact information about you and your family in a place that is accessible and current is a no-brainer. You just have to do it and keep it current. In case of emergency (ICE) is essential to keep you and your family safe. It’s a listing emergency responders are trained to find – if it’s available.

Could you list all the medications and dosages for your spouse, parents or children? Doubtful.

Such family information ought to be in a number of places that are easy to access; your cell phones, your computers, your wallets, your cars. The trick is to keep it current and let your family know where it can be found quickly.

Here’s some of the information to keep handy and current.

  • Wearing a Medic Alert medallion or other notification service around your neck or wrist is an advertisement that you need special attention. The Medic Alert Foundation has a wide variety of fashionable yet prominent accessories from which to choose; sport bands, watches, key chains, jewelry, pendants, etc. They even have a shoelace tag! With one telephone call to their toll free number, emergency responders can know your needs and vulnerabilities.
  • Include close-but-non-family-members in your ICE listing as a way in to ensure that someone is contacted should you and your primary contact be in an accident together. It’s also a very nice gesture to say to a friend or relative, “You’re my go-to if something ever happens.”
  • Set up an ICE folder on your computer desktop or in a file folder near the phone, then let your family know where current medical information

can be easily accessed. Here’s some of what to include:

  • ICE contacts
  • Medications (prescribed and over the counter), purpose and dosages
  • Allergies to medications such as antibiotics or pain meds
  • Medical history including surgeries or significant medical events
  • Names of doctors and their specialties
  • A living will and health care power of attorney to be sure your wishes are being followed should you be in critical condition
  • Insurance policy types and policy numbers for disability, health, dental and long term care coverage

Contact information for your lawyer, banker, accountant and others to whom you entrust your legal and financial well-being

The point of ICE is to keep you safe and your loved ones informed. Mark your calendar to update your ICE information at least once a year (birthday, New Year’s, anniversary) and certainly whenever significant changes occur with your health.

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