Preserving Your Company Culture as Your Business Grows

Preserving Your Company Culture as Your Business Grows

Over the past year, has your business been steadily growing? Although this is a positive for your profits, you may be concerned about how this is influencing your company culture. It is your job as a business owner to ensure that your employees feel comfortable in the workplace, even as it grows bigger. There are many ways to help your team adjust, including customizing their benefit options.

Having the ability to scale your company to still preserve the shared values and culture within takes time to learn. As you move past the initial startup stages, here are some ways to keep your small business values and grow at the same time:

• Keep the Same Perspective. Beginning as a small business, this made it easier to focus on customer and employee needs. As you grow, it is important to maintain a small business perspective. Empathy is important across all sectors of support that you offer.
• Foundation of Shared Beliefs. Your business has its own culture, different from any other out there. Although you want each employee to feel valued individually, it is helpful to create a set of shared beliefs. Consider writing these core beliefs down somewhere so they are fresh in everyone’s mind.
• Opening Up Communication. When your company is small, most employees are involved in multiple dimensions of the business. As the company grows, communication can become more and more difficult to handle, especially as tasks increase. Take action to communicate with managers, customers, and others within the company so mistakes can be avoided and goals can be accomplished.

At Clark Insurance, we want you to keep in mind that the foundation of your business is your hard working employees. No matter how fast or slow your company grows, your team will be supporting the progress every step of the way. Maintaining small business values is a great way to show you care about your employees. Another way to show your appreciation is to offer benefits that are both affordable and comprehensive. This way, your staff can feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied with the work they are doing for the betterment of the community.

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