Preparing your Vessel for the Winter Season

Preparing your Vessel for the Winter Season

Don’t let the frost, snow, and ice destroy your marine business! The east coast is growing colder and colder each day, which is why you shouldn’t waste another minute leaving your boats, equipment, and employees exposed to potential risks brought on by the winter season. Take the time to protect your marine company with marine insurance and these helpful tips, provided by your friends here at Clark Insurance.

The loss of equipment can be quite expensive, especially if it is something you rely on to help your business move forward. Therefore, the onset of cold weather means you should remove, empty, or protect anything that could freeze or be destroyed on the boats you own. If you decide to haul a boat out, you should figure out where to store it first. Storing your equipment during cold weather is a great way to save on costs, repairs, and maintenance.

However, if your boat does not need any attention during the winter, you can leave it at the marina under a tarp. Frequent visits to a boat left on the marina is required in order to make sure the tarp has not come loose, ripped, or overburdened with snow and ice. Here are some other things you should take care of before winter comes in full force:

  • Make a checklist of things to do from owner manuals and your own experience.
  • Select a date for the haulout while it is still warm enough to manage maintenance chores.
  • Decide on storage, tarp or shrink-wrap, and mast in or out.
  • Make sure boat is adequately supported by stands during high winds.
  • Flush and replace engine fluids and filters.
  • Remove and store all electronics, batteries, and cushions in clean, dry place.
  • Begin planning next season’s work.

All the tasks are aimed to protect your boats and equipment, as well as avoid damage from the cold. However, if your business does experience some sort of accident or mishap this winter, inland marine insurance can help mediate the losses to your property. The original purpose of this type of insurance was to protect goods which were transported over water, but has since evolved to cover goods in transit on land as well. Depending upon the size and type of business enterprise you manage, this policy may be essential to safeguarding your business property.

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