Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is moving North. Predictions continue to change as to where it will come ashore. Currently the brunt of the storm will strike the mid-Atlantic states. Nevertheless, we suggest you take precautions this weekend as this could be a humdinger if it heads our way instead. Remember Irene that hit New Hampshire and Vermont.

  • Test your generator to see that it is in working order and have a sufficient supply of gasoline on hand for several days of outages.
  • Do not locate your generator in an enclosed space or near any opening to your home or living area.
  • Test sump pumps and hoses to ensure water drains away from foundations.
  • Clear gutters, spouts and any drainage paths that, if backed up, could cause flooding back into your home.
  • Clear driveway culverts or other drainage installations.
  • In towns with storm drains, be sure they are clear of leaves and pine needles to avoid backup onto your property.
  • High winds are expected so store lawn and deck furniture, fire pits and anything that could be damaged or become a projectile.
  • Be sure chain saws are handy and operational.
  • Cell phones should be fully charged.
  • Check smoke and CO alarms as well as your battery supply.

Commercial building owners should the same, as well as, check that drains on flat roofs are clear.

Let’s hope this is a non-event for our region.

We ask that you pass along these e-mails to your organization as well as to your own customers and vendors. By understanding the scope of the challenge and strategies for managing risks, we all can make a contribution in controlling our cost of living and the cost of doing business.

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