Off to college? Be sure they are covered.

Off to college? Be sure they are covered.

For those with students starting their freshman year or returning to college later this month, you ought to be thinking about a variety of insurance issues not the least of which is health care coverage.

  • Depending on how far afield your student is traveling to college, you may want to check that your insurance carrier has a medical network in their area. If your student is in a region without a network of approved health care providers, their medical expenses could be subject to your out-of-network deductible, an amount often twice that of your in-network deductible. Be sure any affiliated medical network has doctors and facilities that are convenient to campus and not somewhere on the other side of the state.
  • If your student is housed on campus in college housing, your homeowners policy is most likely going to cover their belongings and liability.If the student, however, is living off campus in a rental unit call your agent about a renter’s insurance policy. Renter’s policies usually cover property in an apartment or rental unit but also property that is off premise such as sports equipment, cameras, electronics and other valuable possessions that maybe in a car or elsewhere.One important fact is that the landlord is not responsible for tenant property or tenant-related liability. Should your student’s rental become uninhabitable, a renter’s policy would cover interim housing costs until he or she could move back in.
  • If the student is more than 100 miles from home without a car, you may be eligible for a premium reduction while the student is away. If the student has a vehicle, notify your agent to secure the proper coverage.

Don’t let an unexpected life-lesson get in the way of their education. Be sure they are covered so you can worry less and they can stick to their books.

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