Lobster Boat Insurance Program

Your Boat is Your Business. Making Sure You’re Covered is Ours.

Clark provides insurance for lobster boats and works with hundreds of lobster boat owners. We understand how to protect your livelihood and crew from the risks of the business. After all, your boat is your business.

If a boat survey is required for our Lobster Boat Program, you be charged a reduced one-time $200 survey fee with all future company-required surveys at no additional cost. Coverage for lobster boat owners includes:

  • Perils of the seas such as stranding, sinking, striking a submerged object and heavy weather
  • Fire, lightning and explosion while in designated waters
  • Breakage of shaft or any latent defect in the machinery or hull (excluding the cost and expense of replacing or repairing the defective part)
  • Negligence of master, mariners, engineers or pilots (provided the loss or damage is not the result of a lack of due diligence)

Protection & Indemnity Insurance

Protection & Indemnity insurance can help cover:

  • Property damage or bodily injury to others
  • Perils to your crew (loss of life, personal injury, illness)
  • Legal expenses in the event a covered accident results in a lawsuit

Claim service for lobster boats is offered by seasoned field adjusters, appraisers and personnel with years of marine experience. Getting your claim settled quickly and putting you back on the water is our objective.

The Clark Insurance Lobster Boat Program is easy to access. Just call Dave Nadeau in our Portland, Maine office at (207) 774-6257.

Be Covered with Confidence

Worry less, be covered with confidence, and embrace life’s adventures. Request a quote from our team today and get the protection that you deserve.