Frozen pipes are costing thousands

Frozen pipes are costing thousands

We are receiving a rash of calls here at Clark Insurance reporting damage from burst pipes. Here’s a basic check list to protect your property:

  • keep the heat at 65 and allow air to circulate throughout your entire house
  • wrap accessible pipes with foam insulators
  • turn off your outside hose faucets from inside
  • walk slowly through basement spaces to feel any air intrusion and fill voids with spray-in foam
  • open sink and bathroom cabinets to allow warm air circulation
  • walk around your property to find and attach any loose siding or facia boards or block foundation holes
  • close garage doors if that space attaches to your home
  • open doors between heated and unheated rooms
  • let both cold and hot water faucets drip through the worst of the cold snap
  • locate and create access to your main water shutoff

If your pipes freeze, DO NOT thaw with open flames. Use a hair drier starting from the faucet and work back toward the walls.

If pipes are burst, turn off the main valve and capture as much water as possible in containers. Clean up and dry out affected areas as soon as possible to avoid further damage or mold.

Call our claim department774-6257 so we can go to work getting your property back to normal.

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