Exercising with Coworkers After Thanksgiving

Exercising with Coworkers After Thanksgiving

Are you worried about putting on the pounds this Thanksgiving? Although you may feel like you have no time to think about what you eat when you have so much to do at work, it is important to pay attention to your health. If you ignore what you put into your body and become a couch potato, your well being could affect your productivity in a negative way. Therefore, make an effort to change your bad habits before and after Thanksgiving.

What can you do to inspire your employees to get fit for the holidays? Why not start exercising with them! First, you could suggest some fitness centers in Maine that are near your office building or their homes. Then, you could plan some healthy activities to participate in so everyone can get on track towards building a productive, successful office this year:

  • Meet up with your coworkers and their families the morning of Thanksgiving and exercise together. You can start a tradition and play a game of football or even just walk around the local track.
  • There are lots of organizations that schedule 5k runs around Thanksgiving and afterwards. They also usually support a great cause. Sign your office up and start training together leading up to the big day.
  • Make a deal with your employees in terms of how much everyone consumes on the holidays. For example, if someone goes over the normal serving size for a certain dish, say they will have to run an extra 10 minutes on their workout.
  • After your Thanksgiving Dinner, take a nice walk to burn off some calories. You can even do the same when you’re back in the office with your employees during the following days.

At Clark Insurance, we hope these tips help you stay healthy this Thanksgiving. It is important to encourage your employees to pay attention to their well being not only to save on their benefits plan, but so they can also enjoy special time with their families. During the holidays, creating memories with loved ones take priority, so do so in a healthy way this year!

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