COVID-19 Updates and Resources

At Clark Insurance, the Safety and Health of Our Employees, Customers, Partners, and Community is of Paramount Importance.

We understand the concern and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and are committed to responding to the needs of our customers and partners as we continue to monitor the virus.

Business Continuity Plan

Our team at Clark has been focused with great concern on the evolving Coronavirus situation and is prepared to handle potential changes to our business due to the pandemic. We remain fully operational, continuing to access email, our IT systems, direct phones, and cell phones. Organizational structures are in place to ensure we maintain responsiveness should team members be at home for extended periods of time and our videoconferencing systems are available to allow us to host online meetings and webinars.

Office & Remote Updates

At this time, Clark remains fully operational and working under regular hours.

Please note: all Clark office locations are not able to have in-person visitors until further notice. You are welcome to continue calling your agent at their office number.

Returning to Work During COVID-19

Wondering how to return to the workplace safely during COVID-19? Clark’s step-by-step guide and resources can help.

Photo of Clark Insurance Returning to the Workplace PDF resource
Guide: Return to the Workplace Safely
A photo thumbnail of Clark Insurance webinar for mental health during COVID-19
Webinar: Safety & Mental Health During COVID-19

Webinar: Preparing to Return to the Workplace

Helping Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

  • Minimized non-essential work travel.
  • Limited in-person meetings in favor of virtual meetings.
  • Cancelled all Public Meetings until further notice to limit gatherings and reduce risk.
  • Increased general cleaning of our facilities and regular sanitizing of commonly used areas.
  • Upgraded our HVAC system with additional air purification capability.
  • Established a daily self-screening for all employees before reporting into work.
  • Required increased physical distancing as well as the use of face coverings.
  • Mandated that employees who are sick must stay home.
  • Implemented work from home arrangements to reduce occupancy in our offices.
  • Continue to provide regular updates to our teammates regarding best practices, changing guidance, and company policies.
  • Frequent and thorough hand washing as well as frequent wiping down of commonly used areas.

Important COVID-19 Resources

For the latest and most accurate information regarding COVID-19 please refer to the following resources:

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