?4U: DYK there are apps to block texting while driving?

?4U: DYK there are apps to block texting while driving?

There now are applications that prevent texting on smart phones while driving. None of the resources with links listed below are endorsements by us but all are worth your while to learn more about preventing accidents and fatalities.

When a traffic fatality involves a youngster in the middle of the day, it seems nearly certain that texting was involved. Why? The minimal amount of time that attention is diverted from having eyes on the road when texting is 5 seconds. At 55 mph, that’s nearly the length of a football field. According to an article in Newsday, researchers at Cohen Children’s Medical Center estimate that more than 3,000 teen deaths and 300,000 injuries are directly related to texting while driving.

Texting-related fatalities and injuries now surpass alcohol-related deaths and injuries among teens.

Fortunately, software developers are responding to this national epidemic among teens and adults. Families and fleet managers take note!

CellControl claim they can block cell signals for specific phones while driving selected vehicles once a vehicle begins to move.

Text Gauge says their app triggers when a vehicle exceeds 3 mph and automatically blocks text, chat and email on Android smart phones

Aegis Mobility touts their solution as the broadest portfolio of products to address distracted driving due to the use of electronic devices in vehicles. Their focus appears to be commercial fleet customers.

DriveMode is AT&T’s free solution for Androids and BlackBerry phones that sends a customized reply to incoming messages and disables incoming, outgoing calls as well as web browsing.

tXtBlocker charges a monthly fee to block texts and calls during user-specified times of day such as commuting or weekend hours.

Other software is available that converts text and email to voice messages but it still creates distractions. For those not using smart phones or who want to avoid any cost, there’s always the self-discipline of putting your phone in the trunk or back seat while driving – just to remove the temptation.

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