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Portland, ME (main office)

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2385 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04102

The Portland office of Clark Insurance began in the Time & Temperature Building on Monument Square in 1931. From Munjoy Hill and the West End to East Deering, North Deering and Deering Center, we’ve been covering homes and businesses for decades. Today, condominiums in Bayside and the East End have brought new residents to Portland who need condo insurance and renters insurance. And with those homes comes the need for auto insurance, as well, though public transporation options are growing.

In addition, we do our very best to give back to the community and support more than 160 charitable, civic and industry organizations with “time, talent & treasure” –┬áthat’s part of what makes Portland such a great city. Preble Street, the Salvation Army, the University of Southern Maine, Good Shepherd Food Bank and Goodwill of Northern New England are just a few of the many worthy causes we support.

We have moved our office three times to accomodate our growth but we’ve never left the city. In fact, we are planning to move to an even larger office to keep more than 80 employees under one roof. By working together, we can better serve the customers who are the purpose of our work.

Call us or stop by. Also, please refer your friends our way. We’re here because you are the purpose of our work.

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