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Furriers Insurance

As a furrier, your business has unique challenges.

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Lee Ramsdell Program Executive

If you own a furrier business, you are exposed to a variety of very specific liabilities. In fact, these risks are so unique that a typical business insurance policy is not designed to appropriately cover your business. That’s why you need an agency that understands your distinct requirements. That’s why you need Clark Insurance.

Our knowledgeable agents are aware of the unique risks you face as a furrier, and will work with you in order to meet your needs. We will even create a completely customized insurance policy, just for your business. And, you may be eligible for our dividend program! That’s one of many reasons we are endorsed by FICA.

Your business deserves a customized furrier insurance package.

This program is endorsed by FICA

This insurance program is endorsed by FICA

While each package will be different, there are a variety of coverage options and policies to choose from, including:

  • Furriers Block Coverage which protects your fur inventory in transit, on your property, in show windows, at trade shows, etc.
  • Furriers Customers Coverage in order to cover claims involving customers’ furs that you have on your premises for storage, cleaning, alterations, and other repairs.
  • Loss of Accrued Charges provides protection for income from storage, cleaning, or repairs that you were unable to collect due to a fire or other covered incident.
  • Excess Legal Liability Coverage which protects your business if a covered loss requires you to pay a higher amount than expected on a customer’s receipt.

At Clark Insurance, we work to provide you with a top quality insurance policy that also fits within your business’ budget. Learn more about protecting your furrier business today and start an application by contacting Lee Ramsdell, the furrier program executive, today! Please call 207-774-6257 in our Portland, Maine office. You also can get started right now by filling out a no obligation quote form.

Lee has more than 25 years of experience serving the furrier trade. He understands the day-to-day operations of furriers and has extensive experience seeing and settling claims. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with a seasoned agent who knows and understands the needs of furriers throughout the United States.

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