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Drone Insurance Programs

Drone_insuranceClark Insurance has solutions for personal and commercial owners and operators of UAV/UAS aircraft as well as coverage for the vehicle(s) in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and most of the Eastern United States.

For commercial drone (UAV/UAS) owners, business liability insurance coverage is essential for the potential bodily injury and property damage claims associated with operations.

For personal drone operators, having excess liability insurance coverage with high limits is highly recommended. Also, just a reminder that any UAS weighing more than .55 pounds must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Claims that a drone hurt or is alleged to have hurt someone or someone’s property begins a potentially long and expensive legal battle over liability. Imagine having a claim that your UAV distracted or struck a driver on the interstate and caused a multi-car accident. Defense costs, alone, could run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Operators also need to consider claims of privacy invasion and trespass. Whether they are valid or not, the cost of defense can be burdensome beyond one’s imagination.

In addition, the value of your own property needs to be covered particularly when expensive recording equipment is involved.

Call us today or send an email to JoAnn Martin  (jmartin@clarkinsurance.com) for more information on insurance coverage for drones.

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